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    L'asociacion  BARBADOS SALSA GRUPO  Y MUSIC ENTERTAINMENT  presente                     





The latin music from MARSEILLA

                          Constituted in the 90’s, they have shared with people there passion for latin music. In the latino environment

                   of their country, they are an  institution, and if you are an “aficionado” and you don’t know them, it is because you don’t want to!...what a pity!

 The band is now in its fifteenth year of existence. They have given concerts all over France and aboard. They have shared the stage have been shared with all the best groups : Barreto, Buenaventura, Manolito, Sierra Maestra, NG la Banda, Septeto Nacional, Candido Fabre, Oscar de Leon, Maraca y su Trabuco, Jovenes Classico del son, Orlando Poleo…

 In all the top festivals they have performed: Porto Latino (Corsica), Metisète, Tempo Latino (Vic-Fezençac), Les Nuits du Sud (Vence), Pamiers, Roquefort, Varalo (Italy), Alger and Oran (Algéria), Lausanne and Genève (Switzerland).

 In 2001, they released their first album “Por fin llego”. This album was selected by Putumayo World Music in the USA, and was published in two of its compilations. They were broadcast on 8 radios in the USA, and some others in Japan, Russia, Germany, Venezuela, Greece, Italy etc… That same year, they participated in the shooting and in the original music of film “Les Portes de la Gloire”, with the actor Benoît Poolvorde.

 In 2002, they released their single “Porto Latino”, a tribute to the well known corsican festival. This single was sponsored by SFR.

 In 2003 they released their second album “Llevalo en tu Corazon”, signed with “Next Music”. With this CD, they were selected “coup de Coeur” ( best record) by Radio Latina (Paris-France), and reached 3rd  in the Top 10 in Italy, and were also on the playlist of a lot of radios. They participated for a compilation for ARCADE PACA (France).

 In 2005, they finished their third album “Bailadora”. It was released in June, and was distributed by “Mosaic Music” (France). They also signed-up for two other compilations with Salsa It (Italy).


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            Greatly marked by his years spent in Columbia, Doumé and his friends will invite you to sing the “coros”, to shake

                            your hips, on their originals compositions, with a good cigar and a glass of rhum.

                                                                                           QUE VIVA LA MUSICA!!!                                       

" Best regards" !  The team                                                                                                                     Email . . . . conjunto@free.fr